• epic love and deep sexual experiences
  • deep connection + supreme intimacy
  • your natural life-force energy
  • unlocking your creative expression
  • self-transformation + awakening
  • Attracting the right relationships

You came to the right place because I incorporate ancient secrets of Tantra in a practical way in order to help you experience the deep love and sex that you desire.

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Tatiana About Me 3a

I believe sexually liberated women are going to heal the world. Ever since I was a little girl I knew I was on a mission to help bring the essence of the divine feminine to the modern world. 

Having been an Actress and a student of Tantra for over 10 years, I found the answers I was searching for when I met my Tantra teacher. I was able to transform in all areas of my life by activating my own feminine power with the ancients secrets of Tantra. 

Now I’m here to share these secrets with you so you can alchemize your shadow and live a life of ecstatic bliss beyond your wildest dreams. 

I know that you can love your body, have the soulful sex you imagine, have the epic relationship of your dreams, form deep connections, have the pleasure you desire, become magnetic and attract the right partner for you, feel sexy and irresistible, become truly confident and empowered, and transform in all areas of your life, just like I did. I can show you how.  

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